GPU Access LXD>KVM>Guest VM

I read this thread and got a crazy idea that I might be able to host multiple guest OS’s on my desktop, with GPU acceleration, both Linux Desktop OSs and Windows. Is this possible? Whilst I wait for the rainy day jar to slowly fill up with pennies so I can upgrade my CPU and mobo to one that supports IOMMU (right now I only have VT-x) this seems like it might fit the bill?

Unless you’re using a GPU which supports SRIOV (and there are very few of those and they all lack proper drivers), you will not be able to share a GPU with multiple VMs or even between your host and a single VM.

VFIO/IOMMU will let you effectively dissconnect a PCI device from your host and give it to a VM, but that effectively implies you have one GPU available per VM + one for your host itself.

It also means that even if that’s the case, getting display output from those VMs will then require separate displays, or a KVM or a bunch of input in your main display.

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Thanks for your reply. I guess I had in mind utilizing something like Looking Glass but on second look, I think this may also depend on IOMMU, if I’m not mistaken.