Great Youtube LXD Video series by Venkat Nagappan

This LXD Youtube Video series is done quite well and I wanted to make sure others were aware of them and of Venkat Nagappan.

From the 3 Video’s I watched, Venkat has done an incredible amount of high quality Youtube Linux related videos covering areas such as GlusterFS, Kubernetes, LXD, Jenkins and many more topics.

Venkat’s LXD collection of videos covers:

  • Getting started with LXD/LXC containers
  • Clustering LXD/LXC containers (Part 1 and Part 2)
  • LXD/LXC Container backup, restore, migrate, import/export to/from different LXD Hosts
  • LXDMosaic - a GUI based LXD/LXC Container management/orchestration system
  • LXDUI - similar somewhat to LXDMosaic


Definitely checking this. Thanks for sharing. :hugs: