Had to reinstall my OS drive, how do I get my containers back?

had to reinstall my os drive and i’m trying to figure out how to recover my containers again - I thought that since I was on snap before and i’m still on the snap i could just lxd import but it’s saying

@SERVER:~$ sudo lxc storage create DATA zfs source=DATA/LXD
Error: Provided ZFS pool (or dataset) isn't empty

@SERVER:~$ sudo lxd import caddy
Error: The container "caddy" does not seem to exist on any storage pool

My original pool is stored in pool DATA/LXD

DATA/LXD/containers/ansible                                                               1.23G  45.3G  1.17G  /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/DATA/containers/ansible
DATA/LXD/containers/caddy                                                                  946M  45.6G  1.03G  /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/DATA/containers/caddy
DATA/LXD/containers/jackett                                                               1.65G  44.9G  1.68G  /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/DATA/containers/jackett
DATA/LXD/containers/log                                                                   10.0G  5.44T  6.26G  /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/DATA/containers/log
DATA/LXD/containers/nagios                                                                10.2G  5.44T  7.13G  /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/DATA/containers/nagios
DATA/LXD/containers/owncloud                                                              2.59G  44.0G  2.61G  /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/DATA/containers/owncloud
DATA/LXD/containers/tbx                                                                   1.74G  44.8G  1.53G  /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/DATA/containers/tbx
DATA/LXD/containers/unifi                                                                 3.12G  5.44T  2.12G  /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/DATA/containers/unifi
DATA/LXD/containers/uvideo                                                                36.4G  10.2G  4.89G  /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/DATA/containers/uvideo

I lxd init

and made this

@SERVER:~$ sudo lxc profile show default
config: {}
description: Default LXD profile
    name: eth0
    nictype: macvlan
    parent: VLAN20
    type: nic
name: default
used_by: []

how do i recover my containers?

lxd import only works when the container is mounted at its usual location, so manually creating and mounting the relevant storage-pools/POOL/containers/NAME path should make lxd import happy.

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The first container you import will re-add the storage pool for you, avoiding the check you ran into (that’s why we prevent you from adding it, it needs to be done through import if already populated).

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So I mounted them all but looks like i still get a snapshot error

root@SERVER:~# zfs mount DATA/LXD/containers/caddy
root@SERVER:~# lxd import caddy
Error: There are either snapshots that don't exist on disk anymore or snapshots that are not recorded in the "backup.yaml" file. Pass "force" to remove them

do i need to destroy all of my snapshots?

Can you show zfs list -t all?

DATA/LXD                                                                                           71.6G  5.44T   128K  none
DATA/LXD/containers                                                                                67.9G  5.44T   128K  none
DATA/LXD/containers/ansible                                                                        1.18G  45.4G  1.19G  /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/DATA/containers/ansible
DATA/LXD/containers/ansible@snapshot-snap22                                                        97.1M      -  1.15G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/ansible@snapshot-snap23                                                        96.7M      -  1.15G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/ansible@snapshot-snap24                                                         102M      -  1.15G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/ansible@snapshot-snap25                                                        96.1M      -  1.16G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/ansible@snapshot-snap26                                                        90.3M      -  1.17G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/ansible@snapshot-snap27                                                        85.5M      -  1.17G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/ansible@snapshot-snap28                                                        4.65M      -  1.19G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/caddy                                                                           988M  45.6G  1.05G  /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/DATA/containers/caddy
DATA/LXD/containers/caddy@snapshot-snap13                                                          95.4M      -  1008M  -
DATA/LXD/containers/caddy@snapshot-snap14                                                          94.9M      -  1008M  -
DATA/LXD/containers/caddy@snapshot-snap15                                                           102M      -  1015M  -
DATA/LXD/containers/caddy@snapshot-snap16                                                          99.3M      -  1.01G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/caddy@snapshot-snap17                                                          97.9M      -  1.02G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/caddy@snapshot-snap18                                                          96.5M      -  1.03G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/caddy@snapshot-snap19                                                          18.8M      -  1.05G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/jackett                                                                        1.65G  44.9G  1.69G  /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/DATA/containers/jackett
DATA/LXD/containers/jackett@snapshot-snap7                                                         99.1M      -  1.65G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/jackett@snapshot-snap8                                                         98.7M      -  1.65G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/jackett@snapshot-snap9                                                         98.6M      -  1.65G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/jackett@snapshot-snap10                                                        90.4M      -  1.66G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/jackett@snapshot-snap11                                                        89.4M      -  1.68G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/jackett@snapshot-snap12                                                        85.5M      -  1.68G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/jackett@snapshot-snap13                                                        7.57M      -  1.69G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/log                                                                            9.88G  5.44T  6.27G  /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/DATA/containers/log
DATA/LXD/containers/log@snapshot-snap20                                                             523M      -  6.13G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/log@snapshot-snap21                                                             275M      -  6.15G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/log@snapshot-snap22                                                             144M      -  5.98G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/log@snapshot-snap23                                                             220M      -  6.12G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/log@snapshot-snap24                                                             216M      -  6.24G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/log@snapshot-snap25                                                             107M      -  6.31G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/log@snapshot-snap26                                                             116M      -  6.35G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/nagios                                                                         9.91G  5.44T  7.21G  /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/DATA/containers/nagios
DATA/LXD/containers/nagios@snapshot-snap20                                                          472M      -  7.18G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/nagios@snapshot-snap21                                                          307M      -  7.19G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/nagios@snapshot-snap22                                                          315M      -  7.19G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/nagios@snapshot-snap23                                                          333M      -  7.24G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/nagios@snapshot-snap24                                                          276M      -  7.25G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/nagios@snapshot-snap25                                                          159M      -  7.15G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/nagios@snapshot-snap26                                                          124M      -  7.21G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/owncloud                                                                       2.60G  44.0G  2.63G  /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/DATA/containers/owncloud
DATA/LXD/containers/owncloud@snapshot-snap13                                                        101M      -  2.60G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/owncloud@snapshot-snap14                                                        100M      -  2.60G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/owncloud@snapshot-snap15                                                        102M      -  2.60G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/owncloud@snapshot-snap16                                                       96.5M      -  2.61G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/owncloud@snapshot-snap17                                                       93.9M      -  2.61G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/owncloud@snapshot-snap18                                                       87.4M      -  2.61G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/owncloud@snapshot-snap19                                                       86.7M      -  2.63G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/tbx                                                                            1.73G  44.8G  1.56G  /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/DATA/containers/tbx
DATA/LXD/containers/tbx@snapshot-snap21                                                             138M      -  1.47G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/tbx@snapshot-snap22                                                             124M      -  1.49G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/tbx@snapshot-snap23                                                             119M      -  1.49G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/tbx@snapshot-snap24                                                             116M      -  1.52G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/tbx@snapshot-snap25                                                             112M      -  1.53G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/tbx@snapshot-snap26                                                            89.5M      -  1.54G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/tbx@snapshot-snap27                                                            92.7M      -  1.55G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/unifi                                                                          3.37G  5.44T  2.13G  /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/DATA/containers/unifi
DATA/LXD/containers/unifi@snapshot-snap19                                                           144M      -  2.03G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/unifi@snapshot-snap20                                                           143M      -  2.05G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/unifi@snapshot-snap21                                                           415M      -  2.08G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/unifi@snapshot-snap22                                                           133M      -  2.10G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/unifi@snapshot-snap23                                                           115M      -  2.11G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/unifi@snapshot-snap24                                                           105M      -  2.12G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/unifi@snapshot-snap25                                                          89.4M      -  2.12G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/uvideo                                                                         36.6G  10.0G  5.19G  /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/storage-pools/DATA/containers/uvideo
DATA/LXD/containers/uvideo@snapshot-snap17                                                         4.21G      -  5.94G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/uvideo@snapshot-snap18                                                          412M      -  2.14G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/uvideo@snapshot-snap19                                                         1.63G      -  5.15G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/uvideo@snapshot-snap20                                                         12.1G      -  16.8G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/uvideo@snapshot-snap21                                                         12.5G      -  17.2G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/uvideo@snapshot-snap22                                                          307M      -  5.04G  -
DATA/LXD/containers/uvideo@snapshot-snap23                                                          385M      -  5.18G  -
DATA/LXD/custom                                                                                     128K  5.44T   128K  none
DATA/LXD/custom-snapshots                                                                           128K  5.44T   128K  none
DATA/LXD/deleted                                                                                   2.95G  5.44T   128K  none
DATA/LXD/deleted/images                                                                            2.95G  5.44T   128K  none
DATA/LXD/deleted/images/84a71299044bc3c3563396bef153c0da83d494f6bf3d38fecc55d776b1e19bf9            767M  5.44T   767M  none
DATA/LXD/deleted/images/84a71299044bc3c3563396bef153c0da83d494f6bf3d38fecc55d776b1e19bf9@readonly     0B      -   767M  -
DATA/LXD/deleted/images/dcbc8e3e5c2ed9fb21c3d0659a0eee004bde52fac6616bc1453717032e52a700            768M  5.44T   768M  none
DATA/LXD/deleted/images/dcbc8e3e5c2ed9fb21c3d0659a0eee004bde52fac6616bc1453717032e52a700@readonly     0B      -   768M  -
DATA/LXD/deleted/images/e09ab6e15980dad3405c14d7d8a4d667870724273f22f43899d28c7f56fc45f7            718M  5.44T   718M  none
DATA/LXD/deleted/images/e09ab6e15980dad3405c14d7d8a4d667870724273f22f43899d28c7f56fc45f7@readonly     0B      -   718M  -
DATA/LXD/deleted/images/e2e78049292218f4f2fa1bb359edb409827475437164d1c5767807784c040a66            768M  5.44T   768M  none
DATA/LXD/deleted/images/e2e78049292218f4f2fa1bb359edb409827475437164d1c5767807784c040a66@readonly     0B      -   768M  -
DATA/LXD/images                                                                                     769M  5.44T   128K  none
DATA/LXD/images/b7c4dbea897f09f29474c8597c511b57c3b9c0d6f98dc42f257c64e76fea8c92                    769M  5.44T   769M  none
DATA/LXD/images/b7c4dbea897f09f29474c8597c511b57c3b9c0d6f98dc42f257c64e76fea8c92@readonly             0B      -   769M  -
DATA/LXD/snapshots                                                                                 1.62M  5.44T   128K  none
DATA/LXD/snapshots/ansible                                                                          128K  5.44T   128K  none
DATA/LXD/snapshots/caddy                                                                            128K  5.44T   128K  none
DATA/LXD/snapshots/jackett                                                                          128K  5.44T   128K  none
DATA/LXD/snapshots/log                                                                              128K  5.44T   128K  none
DATA/LXD/snapshots/log2                                                                             128K  5.44T   128K  none
DATA/LXD/snapshots/nagios                                                                           128K  5.44T   128K  none
DATA/LXD/snapshots/nagios2                                                                          128K  5.44T   128K  none
DATA/LXD/snapshots/owncloud                                                                         128K  5.44T   128K  none
DATA/LXD/snapshots/rproxy2                                                                          128K  5.44T   128K  none
DATA/LXD/snapshots/tbx                                                                              128K  5.44T   128K  none
DATA/LXD/snapshots/unifi                                                                            128K  5.44T   128K  none
DATA/LXD/snapshots/uvideo                                                                           128K  5.44T   128K  none

Ok, can you try running lxd import with --force for one of your containers, then check that lxc info for that container looks good (as in, has any needed snapshot).