Help getting instance to access internet?

I created the following …

$ lxc network create mylan ipv4.address=none ipv6.address=none 
$ lxc profile create p-hosts

$ lxc profile device add p-host root disk path=/ pool=default
$ lxc profile device add p-host mylan nic name=enp3s0 network=mylan

$ lxc launch focal host1 --profile p-host
$ lxc launch focal host2 --profile p-host

Inside the host1 and host2 container, I configured it with netplan similar to the following:

  version: 2
      dhcp4: no
      addresses: []   
        - to:
        addresses: [,]

My question is, how do I get these instances on the internet so I can install packages?

I create a br0 on my host Ubuntu machine.

$ nmcli con show
NAME                        UUID                                  TYPE      DEVICE
br0                         d456ba08-3323-447a-b56b-ea97dd9bdfa2  bridge    br0
bridge-slave-eno1           09b92007-23fc-46aa-a6eb-379bsdcdb9ba  ethernet  eno1
mylan                       cfda4880-5715-4b23-b21d-55ca8d9dfd5d  bridge    mylan

Thanks for any help.

Seems like duplicate of Connect network to bridge interface?