Help me setup a host directory sharing with Windows VM

I am new the LXC container and I followed this guide to setup windows-vm with LXD.

Currently I am struggling to setup a host directory share with the windows VM. I have tried lxc config device add but have had no luck. I’ve managed to get samba running but I would really prefer to not use Samba.

Has anyone manage to get this working?

Get both the Virtio drivers and Winfsp on your system:

Install winfsp, then either manually run “virtiofs.exe” from viofs\win11\amd64 on the virtio driver ISO or setup a service as described in virtiofs - shared file system for virtual machines / Windows HowTo

Once that the virtiofs.exe service is started, you’ll see your disk devices show up in the file explorer.

@simos may be something fun to show in a tutorial as a more advanced usage of Windows?

Thank You, I will give it a try and get back to you.

I’ve added it to the post How to run a Windows virtual machine on Incus on Linux – Mi blog lah! under Bonus Material #4.

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