[Help] structure of exported container tarball documentation

Hello dear colleagues,

After exporting a container to a tarball, I would like to change some of its metadata before I import it on another LXD host. Is there a recommended way of doing it? I assume the metadata is stored in configuration files in tarball, but there are too many files inside for me find them myself.
The concrete case is that a container exported with LXD 5 cannot be imported to LXD 4 because of the Unknown configuration key: volatile.uuid.generation. (See forum post)

My hope is that I will be able to remove this key from the exported container’s configuration tarball and complete the import on LXD 4.

I was unable to find documentation on the tarball’s structure, can anybody help?

Metada in an exported container tarball is located in


(For any amount of snapshots.)

It is possible to extract and inspect the contents of these yaml files with the usual tar commands.