Helping a beginner navigate through the lxd code base

Hey guys, I’m a beginner and find this project fascinating, I would love to learn more about it and start contributing. I’m actively learning golang and updating myself with new and upcoming technology like Docker and Kubernetes. If a person like myself is willing to commit their time to learn and contribute, where would they start? Assuming they have already done this

  1. Used Lxd/Lxc and played around with it.
  2. Went through the contribution page.
  3. Looked at the “Good first issues”.
  4. Spent some time reading forums and docs.

How does one understand the flow so that they can start their code contributions?
Is there a beginner’s guide to understanding the code flow (not installation)?
Thanks in advance :smile:

We don’t really have any kind of getting started guides for contributing to LXD, but easiest tends to be to pick one of our easy issues and interact with us through Github.

We’re usually pretty quick to respond and can give pointers about what we expect needs to be done and how we’d normally structure it.

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