Hetzner Cloud floating IP + LXD - how to assign a floating IP to LXC containers?

Host: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
LXD: Latest Snap installation is possible, but if it’s possible, the default APT version is preferred (I had several upgrade problems with the snap version in the past.)

Question: How do I use the floating IPs from Hetzner for the LXCs?

Basically I want to start at least 2 containers, and assign 1-1 floating IP for each. Kinda like having 2 KVM virtual machines exposed with bridged interface. Just want them to be like a completely own machine without relying on the proxy feature, etc. I do realize that recent releases can show the outside request IP, so the proxy feature became very powerful lately - but I would like to run two set of services and both use port 80, etc.

Thank you.

Ps.: Of course I tried to look around the forums and online for a solution but had no luck. The commands/guides I found just don’t do what I want.

Have a look at FRR (free range routing) I think they have a VRRP daemon now, basically a shared IP betweeen two hosts.