Hide container network interfaces from host

i have a container which is running docker and it created a docker0 bridge network, how do i hide this network from the host? Currently it is visible and pingable from the host. Is it possible?

Please can you provide an example of what you mean?

I want to hide this docker0 interface from the host, currently i can ping, but i want that only eth0 to be visible

But that isn’t visible in the host, its only visible when you run a command inside the container (like ip a in this case) or look at the container’s network info from LXD.

Running ip a on the host won’t show docker0.

But i can ping the from the host

this is what confuses me

Oh right so you mean reachable rather than visible.

Please show ip a and ip r on the host.

internal is the default lxd network bridge

So from the host is just the LXD managed bridge, not docker0 inside the container.

Although that sort of setup (having docker on an overlapping /24 of your container’s subnet) is going to get very confusing :slight_smile:

I may should use other subnets rather than 10.30.* .* for everything xD

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