Hide container processes from Host

I am wondering if there’s a way to hide the processes that are executed inside the container from host. I have multiple users/tenants on my lab server and I don’t want the container processes to be seen that easily.

So that when I run ps aux on the host then I don’t see the processes running inside my lxd container.

I am currently running this on Ubuntu 18.04 and the storage backend for LXD is ZFS (if at all that matters).

Thanks in advance!

I dont think this is possible with containers. However using a VM instance type will achieve that. Use the --vm flag when using lxc init or lxc launch.

Thanks @tomp but for running VM with LXC I guess I’ll need to enable virtualization in BIOS settings (specially if I have to use hardware acceleration and passthrough) and that’s currently not an option for me on that system right now.