High CPU load LXD 4.8

I have two instances with LXD 4.8 on Ubuntu 18.04. One is using zfs and the other is using btrfs. Around 2:30am EST both instance have high CPU load (200%).

Only runing 25 containers all have ubuntu 18.04 image.

The top shows many processes of “z_rd_int_” and “updatedb.mlocat”.



I think this might be the mlocate package. It runs updatedb on cron to index all files on your system. so you can quickly locate items. If this is not something you want you can purge the mlocate package. The problem should be gone afterwards.

This should be completely unrelated to LXD and load will always spike when it’s indexing because of the high i/o.

That’s what I thought also. But I have that mlocate on other servers and I have not encounter such high load on those other servers. Or maybe all of the containers are running the mlocate at the same time?

Mlocate comes with a cronjob check it in your containers.