Host network breaked after lxc stop command or VM shutdown

Hi, I encountered a strange problem today.
Using the lxc stop command or running the shutdown command in the virtual machine will cause a random interruption of the network of the host machine, which lasts for several minutes, and then will recover automatically.

cat /var/log/syslog FROM VNC:


lxd version: 4.19 @ Ubuntu server 20.04.3 running with 2 VM and 1 container.

LXD network:

It seems that I can’t see any abnormal information in the system log. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t happen. Any help?

It happens again, the vm has bridged to the physical network “br0”, is it related?

You should make sure you set a fixed MAC address in both the br0 and br1 interface definitions as otherwise those bridges will always pick the lowest MAC address of all their members, potentially changing MAC address and causing network disconnections every time a container is started/stopped.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile: !