Hosts gets ip from Vlan with Profile macvlan

This is problably some odd behaviour or something I did wrong.
So I added two profiles with the following network

name: eth0
nictype: macvlan
parent: enp4s0
type: nic
vlan: “150”

I did not create a network via lxc just the profile itself

So what happens is, the host also gets an ip from the DHCP on the enp4s0.150
DHCP is configured on a router with opnsense

How do I isolate the host?

I think I see what you mean. You’re saying that LXD creates a VLAN interface for 150 on the host, and that interface then performs DHCP.

I suspect this is a side effect of your host’s network configuration, is it configured to perform DHCP by default for all interfaces?

it’s netplan, only on the physical interface and has a macaddress config on it to force WOL.
That’s what is probably happening since the vlan and the physical have the same mac, probably going to move it to static to solve the issue.

      dhcp4: true
      wakeonlan: true
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