How can I use BGP with incus cluster?

I have just started learning about Incus and BGP. I have watched the LXD and BGP videos on the YouTube channel, but now I have a situation where I have 3 Incus clusters, and all 3 clusters have the exact same IP address ranges. When instances access the network, BGP is unable to identify which cluster they belong to unless I manually specify the IP address, but I would like to use Incus’ own network functions for automatic allocation.
In addition to this, there is also a separate Incus cluster with multiple hosts within it. When using BGP, it is similarly unable to confirm which host an instance is coming from without manually assigning an IP address.
In total, there are the above two issues.
I hope to get some help, thank you very much.

When using bridge network for bgp session, if there are 3 incus server in one cluster,
the ipv4 address of network on each server is the same by default.
You can find this through the incus network list.
For example ,,this address will be a prefix-list in bgp router.

So what confuses me is how to make FRR (bgp router) forward traffic correctly to the correct incus server ? Of course, this issue does not exist in a single incus node.Do I have to make the address of bridge network explicitly distinguish between each host ?

In fact, I think it’s good to have the same IP address on every host for bridge network.
Because I can keep my IP address unchanged when migrating instances.