How convenient would it be to use incus with MAAS?


I am wondering ig incus can be integrated the same way LXD is with MAAS : How convenient it would be

Or is there an alternative to MAAS that could be suggested? Something simpler maybe ? The main goal is starting a remote os in memory os and having data on disk. incus would be on installed with the os and manage vm and containers on the encrypted disks of the machine. Any ideas are welcome :slight_smile:

It may be worth trying. I don’t use the full MAAS VM stuff personally but I have some manually defined systems in MAAS which are Incus VMs running on an Incus cluster, so basically just using the LXD power driver in MAAS.

That’s been working just fine in my experience and hopefully MAAS doesn’t do anything else that’s too weird and would prevent it from working with Incus rather than LXD.

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