How many ovn networks can we create?

I want to create 200 ovn networks but when it exceeded by 100 count new ovn network’s gateway have not ping.

I get this warning in syslog:

openvswitch: ovs-system: deferred action limit reached, drop recirc action

Maybe useful for knowing what is problem:

Thanks, what version of OVN/OVS is this?

ovn-nbctl 22.03.0
Open vSwitch Library 2.17.0
DB Schema 6.1.0

When I hit OVN issues I tend to try the newest Ubuntu version on the host first, as that comes with the latest OVN, to see if the issue has already been fixed. Then we can know if there is a version/fix that needs to be backported to the LTS.

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Thank you @tomp

Have you any idea about this problem?

As Tom mentioned, when hitting something like that, I’d start by testing with the latest kernel, OVS and OVN.

A lot of optimization work has been going on in OVN so there’s a good chance that it has been solved.

On the Incus/LXD front, we don’t have a limit for the number of OVN networks, but OVN bugs could cause scaling issues.

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