How to add L2ARC cache on zfs Storage in LXD?


In general, it is understood that zfs pool configures the L2ARC Cache for performance improvement purposes.

When executed with the “zpool add default cache /dev/sdd2” command, it is confirmed that the zpool status and lxc storage info/show commands operate normally.

Can i L2ARC Cache be configured when storage is created based on zfs in LXD?

one more question.

Is zfs import (in case of zfs-based storage) performed internally when executing lxc storage-related commands? It seems like that.

Thank you

Yep, you can absolutely add a cache, log or even more storage devices to a LXD created zpool, no problem there.

LXD indeed calls zfs import when bringing up the pool on startup.

Thank you very much. @stgraber