How to boot an iso with lxc?

On Android termux there are only these commands available

.../files/home # lxc-
lxc-attach         lxc-console        lxc-freeze         lxc-setup-cgroups  lxc-unshare
lxc-autostart      lxc-copy           lxc-info           lxc-snapshot       lxc-update-config
lxc-cgroup         lxc-create         lxc-ls             lxc-start          lxc-usernsexec
lxc-checkconfig    lxc-destroy        lxc-monitor        lxc-stop           lxc-wait
lxc-checkpoint     lxc-device         lxc-net            lxc-top
lxc-config         lxc-execute        lxc-net.           lxc-unfreeze

And must of the instructions uses lxc init?
anyway my objective is to run arm64 proxmox just to test it out