How to change source path for default storage pool

The other day I added a drive to my computer. Unfortunately, the drives got renamed. For example /dev/nmve3 became /dev/nvme2. This is a problem because the path of the default storage pool is /dev/nvme3n1p2 (which is now actually /dev/nvme2n1p2). Consequently, the lxd containers I have running on this computer won’t start:

**lxc start container1**
Error: Storage pool "default" unavailable on this server

**lxc storage list**
| default | btrfs  | /dev/nvme3n1p2 |             | 6       | UNAVAILABLE |

I thought it would be easy to just update some configuration file to point the default storage pool to /dev/nvme2n1p2. I’ve tried, but I just can’t figure it out after hours of googling (I’m just an amateur and don’t know containers that well). For example, when I try to make the change by editing the default storage to update the path I get the error:

**lxc storage edit default**
Config parsing error: Pool source cannot be changed when not in pending state

Does anyone have any ideas? At this point, I’d try just physically reordering the drives in my computer to get the storage pool drive to revert to nvme3, but I am away for a week and only have remote access to my computer. I really am hoping that I can solve the issue sooner than later so that I can get my containers running again.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

Per and the corresponding forum topic. LXD is sadly no longer part of LinuxContainer and you now need to seek support directly from Canonical on the Ubuntu forum.