How to change the ip operation of the host on the microovn and microceph clusters?

Hello, we are working on the cloud, and the architecture uses lxd, microovn and microceph, but now we have a problem, how to change the IP of the server without re-init?
Hope to get your reply.

@stgraber @masnax is this supported yet? I’m imaging not, because there are a lot of moving parts to ceph, ovn and LXD.

Nope and it’s going to be very very tricky to support as there would be 6 independent distributed systems that would need to be re-addressed, not to mention that re-addressing Ceph usually causes kernel hangs and so would need some forced reboots.

I requested we add wording around addresses needing to be stable as re-addressing is near impossible. Down the line when we have solid grow/shrink, that should offer a way out of this by allowing to grow onto new machines in the new subnet and then shrink by removing those in the old subnet, but we’re not there yet.

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