How to create ovn network by rest api

   I have set up an LXD cluster on ovn and i have a cloud management software(cms).My CMS is calling the rest API of LXD.I need to create ovn network by rest api.

   When clustered, most network types require individual POST for each cluster member prior to a global POST. should i call rest api to every lxd server once?

I find that if I call the API only once, it seems that there is no problem.
this is my request body

	"config": {
		"ipv4.nat": "true",
		"network": "UPLINK"
	"name": "ovnNetwork5",
	"type": "ovn"

lxc network show ovnNetwork5

When I call the rest API only once, i can still see each of my lxd server in the locations property through the lxc network show command,
Does this mean that I do not need to call the rest API once for each node?

That’s correct, OVN is always global, no need to do per-server like for the other network types.