How to enable huge pages in lxc containers?

Hello, I’m trying to bring up a 3 node microk8s cluster with mayastor enabled where each node is a lxc container. The cluster comes up ok, but when I try to enable the mayastor it fails part way.
A couple pods report the following:

ERROR] insufficient free pages available PAGES_NEEDED=1024 nr_pages=1024

I followed the tutorial over at MicroK8s - Addon: OpenEBS Mayastor clustered storage
I confirmed the settings for vm.nr_hugepages=1024 on both the containers and the host.

Only one node’s volume came up when list the storage pull

microk8s.kubectl get mayastorpool -n mayastor

Any idea how to debug or resolve this? it seems that containers do not really have access to hugepages?
Any help much appreciated.

More details:
The host has 8 core Intel with 32GB and is running ubuntu 20.04
The backend storage fs is dir and has > 300GB free space.
The LXD is lxd 4.0.9-8e2046b 22753 4.0/stable/

Have a look at that thread,