How to export with disk almost used

Hey there,

How to do backup in the following situation:
zfs pool = 800GB
1 container uses 700GB
If i have to export it, it will need another 700GB for “exporting” and another <700GB to create the .tar.gz file. In that case export will be impossible.

However I can add additional disk which is several TBs. Is there a way to use the second disk to create the additional two 700GB needed?

Or second solution will be to create snapshot and copy it to another server? What would be the best scenario here. Backups should be done on a daily basis.

I learned about a way of doing this recently. I have not tested it yet.

You could try editing this sever config storage.backups_volume and have it point to your additional disk.

Please let us know if this fixes your problem. :slight_smile: