How to force display manager + X to startup on a container (LXC) system?

I’m having an issue where I need to start xorg and its accompanying display manager (LightDM, within context of Xubuntu) at the startup of an LXC container. I installed Xubuntu form a base Ubuntu Proxmox container installation via tasksel install xubuntu-desktop. I then was able to install x2go (apt install x2goserver) and start sessions for users just fine.

LightDM is installed, but it doesn’t seem to want to start at startup. I figure lightdm is the right way to go since I would be able to use autologin and then execute a graphical app I need to start at system startup, but it seems like I’m missing some piece of the puzzle that get’s lightdm to start at system startup on a container.

What’s preventing lightdm from starting in an LXC instance? Is it the lack of a graphical terminal available by default? If so, what would be a workaround for this such that perhaps it renders to /dev/null until properly captured for user interaction via x2go (NX3)?