How to make the propagation property of mount points / and /sys in a lxc instance be shared?

I use lxc instances to be Kubernetes hosts to set up a testbed to imitate a production environment. And choose calico which runs proxy on eBPF to be CNI. The calico node pod needs both /sys and / of the host to have shared propagation property to create shared mount points /sys/fs/bpf and /var/run/calico with the host. Here is my work note: 《Setup a production-like testbed based on LXD and Kubernetes》

Both / and /sys in lxc instances launched from ubuntu/22.04 have private propagation property, even if has set sys:rw. I walk around this problem by /etc/fstab in lxc instance or command “mount --make-shared /”.

Are there some ways to config those lxc instances to share their / and /sys?