How to manage container via virtual-machine-manager_

How can I manage lxd containers through virtual machine manager ?

I installed virt-manager, and I added a connection “libvirt-lxc” and entered no username or hostname since its my local machine. It then seem to be connected, it read stats from my local machine. But I cannot see any of my local containers I have created. I have put my user (olof) into group lxd and libvirt.

Am I missing some path to the containers in the virtual machine manager setup?

I can use both virsh and lxc commands without need for root.

I am running ubuntu 19.10
lxd 3.23 installed via snap


Short version is, you can’t.

There are a few things going on here:

  • libvirt-lxc has nothing to do with LXC, despite the confusing name
  • Even if it did, LXD containers are kept separate from those deployed with traditional LXC so they still wouldn’t show up

If you want a GUI on top of LXD, your best options are some of the web frontends that community members have written.

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