How to migrate the lxc container to zfs pool more efficiently?

I have many lxc containers in directory storage pool, is there any efficient methods to migrate the lxc container to another storage pool, such as a zfs pool?

root@dev-physical-0-17:/data/lxc/containers# du -sh ./*
95G     ./dev-host-0-103-itsc-feature-dev
91G     ./dev-host-0-107-prelease
3.9G    ./dev-host-0-121-admin-tunnel-11888
7.2G    ./dev-host-0-134-DevOps
7.3G    ./dev-host-0-135-development-agent
4.5G    ./dev-host-0-156-detect-proxy
7.2G    ./dev-host-0-157-k8s-standalone
3.4G    ./dev-host-0-51-openladp
169G    ./dev-host-0-63-tapd
14G     ./dev-host-0-68-k8s-master
33G     ./dev-host-0-71-k8s-logic-node
9.6G    ./dev-host-0-80-nginx
51G     ./dev-host-0-82-qa-enteprise-5
55G     ./dev-host-0-85-qa-enteprise-5
367G    ./dev-host-0-88-qa-enterprise-standalone
3.7G    ./dev-host-0-93-customer-service-sandbox
6.3G    ./dev-host-0-94-guosen-feature-env-simulation
80G     ./ops-host-0-64-shenzhen

I only think about the

lxc move

and specify the -s paramter, but it seems that the miragtion very be slow :smiling_face_with_tear:

Using lxc move -s is correct, the speed will depend on the speed of your host’s I/O and the size of the instance. It will also depend on the source and target storage pool type. If they are of the same type and the pools supported native optimized transfer then it will be used, otherwise the transfer will fallback to rsync.

Thanks for the advice :+1: