How to mount the controller into /sys/fs/cgroup for lxc

I tried to deply the lxc in our system, the system is created by yocto. After enable the cgroup function, we found the cgroup file system is empty, and the lxc-checkconfig is below:
Cgroup v1 systemd controller: missing
Cgroup v1 freezer controller: missing
We searched and found the systemd will mount the controllers into the /sys/fs/cgroup/, but we dont use systemd in our system.
So is the systemd necessary for the lxc? Can we use other way to mount the controller into /sys/fs/cgroup/? Thanks a lot

You don’t need systemd, but if you plan on running containers that will use it, then you need to create and mount its cgroup on the host.

There are tools like cgroup-lite and cgroupfs-mount in Debian/Ubuntu which are effectively shell scripts mounting everything the way systemd would normally do it.

Thanks a lot, I will try with it.