How to run a Windows virtual machine on Incus

This is an updated tutorial on how to run Windows VMs on Incus.

It shows

  1. how to download the ISO file from Microsoft,
  2. how to prepare the ISO file so that it can be used by Incus,
  3. setup an Incus VM to install Windows,
  4. how to start or reconnect to the VM.
  5. how to create an Incus profile with the configuration so as to avoid doing things manually,
  6. and adds several troubleshooting issues.

Make sure these packages are installed as well:

sudo apt-get install genisoimage libguestfs-tools wimtools --yes

Otherwise you’ll get errors saying that hivexregedit or genisoimage are missing, from distrobuilder.

Hello, how to get this work on Proxmox? Thanks in advance.

Hello John Bajer, and welcome to the Linux Containers community!

For VMs, Proxmox provides its own management procedures, internal decisions and interfaces to create them.

LXD/Incus are alternatives to Proxmox. Both are management platforms for LXC containers and VMs and, thus, you must choose one or another. They aren’t made to play together.

Since this forum belongs to LXC, Incus and their related projects, in case you decide for Proxmox, the best place to ask for help in how to use it to create VMs is the official Proxmox forum.