How to set tld for each project

Hi guys,

I have an LXD cluster and DNS/DHCP come from MAAS. Every container autoregister and gets IP from the MAAS. Default TLD is .lxd as usual. I need to create another project for example “client1” and tld I would to be different. So for default project tld = .lxd, for client1 project tld = .one. Is this possible?

You need a separate bridge in LXD for that, then set dns.domain to the value you want on that bridge.

Though I’m a bit confused by the MAAS part here. If MAAS handles DHCP/DNS for your instances, then it wouldn’t be getting a .lxd domain, it would get whatever the network is in MAAS instead.

Yes, my bad actually it’s the TLD from the maas. So any idea how to set up MAAS and LXD projects to have different TLDs?

The goal is when both projects have the same containers with the same name both containers to be resolvable.

It’s unfortunately impossible. MAAS does not allow duplicate machine or device names at all, even inside of different domains…

Got it. Thank you.