How to share a zfs storage pool between two lxd hosts on same disk(dual boot)

Hi Guys
I have created a zfs storage pool in my one host and I am running guests on it wth no problem whatsoever.
However from my other host NEITHER can I run"lxd init" and assign my existing storage pool(no option offered to use already existing), NOR can I somehow add this pool to lxd via the terminal.
It complains that the said pool is not empty.
Is there some precise command to add already existing pool to lxd???
Would you plz share it with me?
I am using


in both hosts.

Thanks a lot


lxd storage pool is not shared between nodes.
It depends on the node that first created the storage pool.

When creating a storage pool using zfs, a physical disk cannot be created if an existing zfs exists on the disk. It also does not import and export storage pools.

The lxc storage related command also uses the zfs command internally.

In fact, if you try to zpool export the lxd storage pool, you can see that it has been exported with the zfs command. However, if you check it with lxc storage related command, you can confirm that it is still there.

Efficient data sharing in lxd is sharing volumes or directories using shiftfs.