How to specify storage controller for CentOS 4?


Installing CentOS 4.8 as VM will encounter not found CD-ROM and HDD

And I noticed that /var/snap/lxd/common/lxd/logs/centos-4/qemu.conf :

# SCSI controller
[device "qemu_scsi"]
driver = "virtio-scsi-pci"
bus = "pcie.0"
addr = "2.0"

[device "qemu_pcie2"]
driver = "pcie-root-port"
bus = "pcie.0"
addr = "1.2"
chassis = "2"

How can I change storage controller ?

You can use io.bus to set virtio-blk but CentOS 4 may be too old for that too.

We do not offer emulation of legacy IDE/SATA controllers at this time as that requires userspace emulation (not paravirtualization through virtio) and so increases the security attack surface to a level we’re not comfortable with.

It reports error:

Invalid value "virtio-blk" (not one of [virtio-scsi nvme])

Then you must be on an older Incus release.

Ah no, I see, you’re on LXD. So that’s why you don’t have it.