How to "synch" between instances of LXC on different hosts

Hi experts, I’m a new to using LXC so please excuse my lengthy explanation of my problem.

My situation:

  • I have two development machines (22.04 and 23.10) and a production machine (22.04). I would like to use container so I can have identical dev/deploy environments on all three computers.
  • I created a LXC on one of the development machines. I created snapshot → image and copy the image to the second dev machine. While working on the second dev machine, I realize I need to install more tools/libraries.

My problem:

  • How do I bring the updates (newly installed tools and libraries) in the instance on the second dev machine to other instances on other computer?
  • At first, I think I can just create another snapshot and restore the out-of-date instance with the new snapshot. But how do I even “transfer” the snapshot between computers?

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