How to use lxc image list

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I have two questions about the command lxc image list images:ubuntu/focal/amd64. This command return 2 images (container and vm images) and the alias say “7 more” for each image.

1°) how can I list the 7 more ?
2°) how can I use filter with lxc image list ? I tested lxc image list images:ubuntu/focal/amd64 t=container to filer by type and this command return nothing

lxc image info will show you all the aliases for the image.

You can filter based on the properties as listed in lxc image info

For example: lxc image list images: os=Ubuntu release=focal arch=amd64 type=disk-kvm.img


Okay. Thanks very much for your explaination. The help page is a bit confusing about this.