How to use lxd clustering for high availability between two nodes

Hi guys,
I’m a biginner in lxd and linux HA,
I’m looking for a way to use lxd3 clustering to make my containers highly available between two nodes (I mean: when node1 is unreachable, containers to be available on node2).
I tried with drbd and heartbeat but can’t implement with lxd.
Can someone help please ?

Two nodes actually can’t be HA with LXD as the database requires a quorum to go online.

For two node, the quorum is 2, therefore if a node goes down, the database will hang until it comes back.
You want three nodes to be fault tolerant.

For the containers to be HA, the only supported option is using CEPH. You can setup a CEPH cluster with 3 nodes reasonably easily using ceph-deploy.

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Thanks for your answer,
What if I use lxd2.0 and then move containers path to /mnt/ in drbd balancing partition and use symlinks ?

So your plan is to have a cold fallback ready? (As you can’t have DRBD mounted on both sides).

If so, using the dir backend and putting all of the LXD dir on it, should work.