How to use lxd recover to recover the data from other nodes

storage pool used zfs
lxd version is 4.0.9
1、create container u1 in sss project(node2)
2、create snapshot aa and bb
3、zfs send zfspool/containers/sss_u2@snap01 |ssh node-1 zfs recv zfspool/containers/sss_u2
4、 zfs set mountpoint=/var/lib/lxd/storage-pools/zfspool/containers/sss_u2 /var/lib/lxd/storage-pools/zfspool/containers/sss_u2 (node-1)
5、Close the node 2 host(shutdown)
6、lxd recover(node1)
Do the lxd recover prompt for the following information
Error: Failed validation request: Failed checking volumes on pool “zfspool”: Instance “u2” in project “sss” already has instance DB record
What about restoring 2-node data to 1-node in the case of a simulated disaster

This suggests your target server already has a u2 instance present so you cannot restore it whilst its there.

It would be better to recover the instances on the original server using lxd recover and then export them using lxc export.

The instance is indeed on the source node,I m not clear how the instance of the target node exists


Please show lxc list --all--projects on node 1?

If the original server keeps down, can lxd recover restore the down components to other nodes?