How to use Xterm.js to connect to a container

I wish to use Xterm.js to connect to a LXC container, however I am not really understanding the steps to connect this and how to do this via the API. Just looking at it makes my head spin…

Can anybody give me an idea on how I can implement this, what steps i must take etc?


somewhere in there I worked it all out

obviously if you use my code please attribute it

Many thanks, the amount of work you have done is quite impressive. I will take a look at it.

I mean I dunno what your trying todo but I assume its executing commands on lots of containers, I built this the other weekend and may even more appropriate to either give some input on or a base for your research (it uses PHP and the exec API (but not xterm.js - its not needed) which i prefer to node everday)

Id be happy to give more specific guidance than look at my code but I dont know what your trying todo you’ll need to get more specific

I am scratching an itch, building a web app to manage linux containers, and simplifies the process.

As for the action series, i already have a queuing library part of my framework, which can handle that quite easily using success or error callbacks. It doesnt have to be complex. Unless you want to diagram it that is.