I can't lxc config edit <container>

Strange one had no problems until a recent upgrade to LXD 5.2

[atcore@dev-cache-qa1]~% lxc config edit avmanager-shards                                   ~
/bin/sh: /dev/null: Permission denied

However I’ve no issue when it do a ‘lxc config show avamanger-shards’

The hosts /dev/null is root owned… but the container instances are owned by ‘nobody’ which is probably the issue.

Why has is this suddenly an issue and how should I fix it?

I fixed the issue by rebooting the box… I guess sometimes when LXD upgrades it doesn’t play well with live LXD instances

No idea how to reproduce the issue or even 100% certainly it was the LXD update :wink:

This sounds like an issue with the EDITOR env var inside the snap (as config edit won’t actually enter the container).