I created 2 YouTube Video's for my CIAB (Cloud in a Box) Remote Desktop solution implemented in LXD containers

I created 2 YouTube Video’s for my CIAB (Cloud in a Box) Remote Desktop solution which implements

  • Guacamole
  • Tomcat
  • MySQL
  • XRDP
  • all in LXD containers on Ubuntu 18.04 (using SNAP LXD).

Once installed, all you need is an HTML5 browser to make the Remote Desktop connection whether local or remote.

CIAB Remote Desktop Part 1 - Installation

CIAB Remote Desktop Part 2 - Configuration and Use

The installation creates 2 LXD containers:
ciab-guac - where guacamole, tomcat, nginx, mysql are running
cn1 - an initial Ubuntu-Mate desktop container (which you can use to clone more desktop containers)

If you don’t like Ubuntu-Mate, the install scripts have commented out commands to install XFCE4 (re xubuntu desktop) or ubuntu-budgie desktop.

Hopefully, the video’s will help people new to CIAB or LXD understand how easy it is to install, configure and use.

The script sources and a README.pdf are on Github: https://github.com/bmullan/ciab-remote-desktop


Just installed all this loosely following your scripts, performs well, im testing playing youtube and its running over zerotier vpn.



Thanks much for letting me know. Verry cool!


This thread reminds me to my short documentation of tests with X11 in a container and direct access by RDP (I didn’t want to install guac to save resources on the lxd host).

Setup XFCE in container and access by RDP

  • container setup

    lxc launch images:ubuntu/18.10 xfcedesktop
    lxc exec xfcedesktop – /bin/bash

    ; in container
    apt-get install xfce4 xfce4-goodies -y
    apt-get install xrdp
    useradd -d /home/xuser -s /bin/bash -m xuser
    passwd xuser
    echo xfce4-session > /home/xuser/.xsession
    nano /etc/xrdp/startwm.sh
    ; add ‘startxfce4’ at the end of file startwm.sh
    service xrdp restart

  • assure rdp-port 3389 is open in lxd host firewall

  • connect via RDP client, e.g. ‘remmina’ with container ip, port 3389, protocol RDP (hint: use small resolution first)

  • at loginscreen choose session “Xorg” and username xuser

I’ve deleted those 2 old video’s as I’ve released my Cloud in a Box (CIAB) Remote Desktop System v3 on Github now.

Cloud in a Box (CIAB) Remote Desktop System v3 is now available on Github:


Utilizing Guacamole, NGINX, Tomcat, MySQL, XRDP and LXD Linux Containers for a secure, powerful, scalable Linux & Windows Remote Desktop System requiring only an HTML5 capable browser.

Includes support for audio, cut&paste, drag&drop file upload/download, printing and over 20 Admin installable Web Applications which each reside in their own LXD container.

All components of CIAB v3 run in LXD containers on an Ubuntu 18.04 VM, Server or Cloud Instance.

New to CIAB v3 is the CIAB MANO tool (based on LXDMosaic) with which the CIAB Admin can manage and orchestrate LXD containers on the CIAB Host/Server or on Remote LXD Hosts/Servers.

The three new/updated CIAB v3 Videos:

Title: CIAB Remote Desktop System v3 - Introduction and Demo of Use
Title: CIAB v3 Remote Desktop System - Installation
Title: CIAB v3 Guacamole Configuration and Wrap-up