I have decided to go with LXD

i’m going to go ahead and go with LXD instead of LXC. i have wanted to also experiment at times at a lower level but have decided i don’t need LXC to do that. i will just be doing kernel syscalls. and not at the same time as with LXD. what i need to know now is exactly what packages to install on Ubuntu Xenial 16.04.5 LTS and directions to an appropriate “getting started making your first container” guide (please, not a video … i want to highlight-and-paste).

fyi, i made a container with the unshare command on an EC2 c5.large instance and built my LIBH library in it. no real biggie as i have done that in plain-ole chroot.

Your ONLY option on current systems is to use the snapd system.

  1. install snapd
  2. use snapd to install lxd
  3. configure and use
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I have you covered. Have a look at my tutorials at

Ubuntu 16.04.5 comes with LXD 2.0.11 (Long Term Support, supported until year 2016+5=2021).
My beginner tutorials were written for LXD 2.0.x.
You need to install the lxd package and then make a decision as to where to store the containers.
You would need to arrange for some dedicated space (separate partition).

i have a large (943208152k) partition in the first disk (976762584k) that is used as /home. i plan to make a user named “c” (for containers). i also have a small SSD device (117220824k) that is unused. i could put things in /home/c/r/ (container rootfs’).

i am also considering using the snap package, even though i could still use the ubuntu repository package with 16.04 LTS.