Image download speed is slow as heck

$ lxc launch ubuntu:18.04 test-lp-1802345
Creating test-lp-1802345
Retrieving image: rootfs: 95% (16.86kB/s)

Where are those images hosted? Is there any way to speed up the download process?

ISP: Hinet(TW)
Internet Plan: 100Mbps/40Mbps


You are launching a container from ubuntu:18.04 which means that you are using the ubuntu remote.
Here it is,

$ lxc remote list
|      NAME       |                        URL                        |   PROTOCOL    | AUTH TYPE | PUBLIC | STATIC |
| images          |                | simplestreams |           | YES    | NO     |
| local (default) | unix://                                           | lxd           | tls       | NO     | YES    |
| ubuntu          |          | simplestreams |           | YES    | YES    |

Therefore, the server is, and is accessible through the simplestreams protocol.
This means that if you could find a mirror of cloud-images, you could change the remote: and use the new one instead.

A proper mirror of cloud-images needs:

  1. the container images shown at
  2. the necessary files (signatures) for the container images, shown at

I do not know whether there is an official list of mirrors for cloud-images.
Google has this unofficial list,
From there, you need to find the appropriate mirror that has this *streams/ subdirectory.
For example, is OK.

So, how do you add this new faster remote to LXD?

$ lxc remote add fasterubuntu --protocol simplestreams

See the list of container images with

$ lxc image list fasterubuntu:

And launch a container from the new remote,

$ lxc launch fasterubuntu:18.04 test-lp-1802345

If you are happy with the new remote, you can replace the existing ubuntu: remote with your local one.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation! I’m also wonder if the cloud-images archive is hosted on any CDN?

cloud-images currently isn’t CDN backed, this may change in the future.

I know there is a ticket open for it to at least be GEOIP-ed the same way is (with a US and UK server).

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Here is my list of verified (they are up-to-date) mirrors of

  1. US (Illinois),
  2. US (Oregon),
  3. China (Jiangsu),
  4. Taiwan,
  5. Japan (Honshu),

I have contacted The Free Software Lab of the National Center for High-performance Computing in Taiwan and they are willing to mirror the Ubuntu Cloud Images archive which is now at

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@simos I tried using the aforementioned mirror today but the lxc launch command end up with the folllowing error:

Creating ubuntu-18-04
Error: Failed container creation: Unable to fetch 404 Not Found

would you mind checking out what went wrong in the mirror?


The URL should be a bit different:

$ lxc remote add faster --protocol simplestreams
$ lxc init faster:c mycontainer
Retrieving image: metadata: 100% (1.26GB/s)
Retrieving image: rootfs: 2% (810.06kB/s)   
Error: Remote operation canceled by user    

That is, for, the URL for lxc remote should instead be

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So it should be autobalanced? Any list of active mirrors somewhere? My googling-fu is not that strong, I couldn’t find actual one, just random mirror like (lxc-images part)
I’m particularly interested in mirror in SEA region, Singapore/Hong Kong may be a good places to start with