Images:alpine/3.16 have disappeared

All the images:alpine/3.16 images have disappeared from my LXD systems:

lxc image list images: alpine/3.16 amd64
result: nothing
expected result: 4 lines should appear: (alpine/3.16, alpine/3.16/cloud) x (CONTAINER, VIRTUAL_MACHINE)

see: lxc image list images: alpine/3.15 amd64

What happened?

I believe there was an upstream issue with them.

@stgraber @monstermunchkin do you know what the issue was, and was it reported upstream?

I just built an alpine/3.16 image, using the latest lxc-ci/images/alpine.yaml
(I added architecture, and release to the yaml file).
There was no problem building the image.

I am also using a similarly built 3.16 image, which I built a few days ago. No problem there either.

So what upstream issue? This seems like an images: problem.

I’ve created this to track it:

Its been re-enabled now: