Images: Debian/stretch - any cloud-init success stories?

I downloaded a Debian/stretch image from linuxcontainers.

Writing a python script based on pylxd, I could install packages, setup a user account, etc. No problem there - it’s enough to do the job I need done.

BUT … then I noticed Debian supports a package cloud-init and decided to give it try. Version 0.7.9. I installed it and that installation doesn’t include the various templates and other files described by @stgraber in this lxd documentation on cloud-init. I setup the config data for init-cloud anyway and tried it. Of course because there are no templates nothing was found for NoCloud and so it didn’t work.

My question is if there are any working examples of init-cloud setups for Debian/Stretch.

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Adding the exact same templates as the Ubuntu images should make this work.

I do intend to add cloud-init to all images that can support it in the next 6 months or so.
It will be a bit tricky because we must make sure that both LXC and LXD will behave fine with this addition and that it won’t cause the images to get much bigger or much slower than they are today.

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No stone left unturned! That is very helpful.

Do you currently have a directory tree of cloud init files for Ubuntu that can just be merged onto a target container (e.g. Debian/Stretch) that has been instantiated ? - without guarantee of course.

I do have a lingering question mark in my head as to why the cloud init template software and the cloud init software are not maintained as a pair of sibling versioned packages on, e.g. Debian. (Of course on Ubuntu it’s not necessary because of the existence of the Ubuntu cloud-init ready image repository.)