Images not updating even with `auto_update: true`?

When publishing an image with a ‘floating alias’ say latest (on a private remote) which points to different images from time to time, how does the auto_update: true flag work? I noticed that when pulling the image from the remote, it is not updated immediately.

Is there a way tell LXD to always check if the alias has changed?

Best thing I could come up with is running:

lxc query /internal/testing/image-refresh

lxc image refresh should kick it without relying on an internal API that can change at any time.

Images get auto refreshed at a fixed interval which is configurable. By default that’s on startup and every 6 hours after that.

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Is there a way to run lxc image refresh for all images?

Not currently, no. We’d need a new bulk update API for this.