Improved error messages

Incus version 0.6

Loving your work, this project is inspiring.

I have, however run into a few errors that could have some improved messaging.

Error: Failed instance creation: Error transferring instance data: Failed migration on target: Failed getting migration target filesystem connection: websocket: bad handshake

This occurs when trying to run incus copy remote:vm_name vm_name if the remote machine is still in the RUNNING state. I ran into it with some confusion after successfully copying a profile via incus profile copy remote:profile profile.

In hindsight the message makes better sense, but it threw me down a red herring path of TLS issues.

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Pretty sure we fixed that one in 0.7.

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Thanks! I’m in the process of getting off 0.6 now - but ran into this while prepping for the upgrade (hardware and software) by making backups. In a few days I should be on 6.0LTS - hopefully that will keep any future posts more relevant, sorry! :slight_smile:

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