Incus-agent seems not to start in vm for images:ubuntu/jammy/cloud

Dear all

Were there any changes to the images/incus-agent recently? I seem to be unable to exec into a freshly created vm of the image images:ubuntu/jammy/cloud - this was working fine a few days ago.

$ lxc launch images:ubuntu/jammy/cloud --vm test-vm-2
Creating test-vm-2
Starting test-vm-2              

# after a while
$ lxc exec test-vm-2 bash
Error: LXD VM agent isn't currently running

I am using LXD 5.0.2 LTS and I am aware of the upcoming access changes to those images. I’ll figure out a way to set a password and debug further using console.

Hey there,

That’s indeed a small bug we introduced in distrobuilder, I’ve sent a fix now:

Once that’s merged, the new daily images will pick up the change and will work again.

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