Incus and scaleway/s3


I use scaleway as a s3 object storage provider and I would like to set up storage buckets for incus

I have read and re-read the documentation but am having trouble understanding how to set up the binding configuration to scaleway/s3

how to fill in the following elements?

  • endpoint url
  • region name
  • access key
  • private key

You can’t, in your case you should just use the scaleway s3 API from the instances.

The built-in storage bucket support in Incus is there to provide an S3 API on top of our built-in storage pools. Basically providing what scaleway provides you, but for people who self-host and don’t have a cloud storage API available.

Thank you for your reply
So there will never be a possibility of using the amazon or scaleway S3 APIs with incus ?

We’re considering supporting existing S3 providers to host things like Incus images and backups, but that would be entirely different from the storage bucket feature.

Having the existing storage buckets feature where the Incus API allows users to create and manage storage buckets to integrate with an existing S3 provider, that would need per-cloud logic in Incus itself and entrusting Incus with rather wide admin privileges on your cloud, all so that it could act as some kind of proxy, creating buckets on whatever cloud you use whenever a user creates a bucket in Incus.

That’s not impossible to do but it’s not something we’re currently planning on doing as that would introduce the need for custom per-cloud logic which could break at any point and would be very difficult to test. All for somewhat limited gains as you could just as well create the bucket directly with your provider and consume that from within your instances.