"incus copy" beetween source an target remote

Hello there,
I have 2 incus servers inthe same lan:
1/ named INCUS
2/ named ADRIEN
all of them with some (ubuntu, nixos) lxc containers.

On the ADRIEN machine I do:
[alain@ADRIEN:~]$ incus copy nixo
Error: The remote “” doesn’t exist

Container “nixo” is stopped and belongs of course to ADRIEN machine.

What I am doing wrong? Thank you.

You need to add the other server as a remote through incus remote add and use remote names that are in incus remote list

SOLVED :slight_smile:
thx Stéphane, it worked like a charm ! (incus rocks)

I did this:
#generating token !
[alain@INCUS:~]$ incus config trust add client-adrien

#adding 1 remote:
[alain@ADRIEN:~]$ incus remote add remote-incus

#copie inter serveur:
[alain@ADRIEN:~]$ incus copy nixo remote-incus:nixo-prem