Incus name is forever associated with human anatomy

Docker and Podman are names that are the top search result in Duckduckgo and Google.

The top results for Incus are medical references and images of human ear bones.

It seems logical and desirable that the searchable name of the Incus project should also be the top result every time — for the entire life of the project.

While both Docker and Podman are venture-backed commercial products and may pay to occupy the top spot it seems reasonable that the name of a fantastic platform like Incus also be unique.

This post is to suggest a discussion about a name alteration that will ensure excellent visibility in search.

We’re not currently considering a rebranding. It’s perfectly fine to not be the first result on Google, especially when it’s a new project that hasn’t even seen a first release or much press about it at all.

Doing a quick incognito search here, we seem to have 2-3 results about our project within the top 15-20 of results which is pretty reasonable for where the project is at. And obviously a more specific search like “incus container” will immediately result in the pages you’d expect so all good.

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Yep, I probably could have DM’d you with my suggestion. Please feel free to delete this thread.

When I saw that a part of the human body was called Incus I though damn, that’s pretty strong competition.

But I guess there are plenty of examples of shared names — like Svelte and React.

Yeah, as it turns out it’s pretty hard to find a term that’s both somewhat meaningful (in this case Incus was meant as a reference to a particular type of cloud) and isn’t already used somewhere :slight_smile:

Even with LXD, we kept bumping into the The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers which had been using LXD as an acronym long before LXD became a thing. Thankfully, providing a bit more context in a search is usually all it takes to sort any conflict that out.

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We will probably see Incus project rise to the top for those with a history of searching infrastructure tech related topics. LXD comes up top of the search for me now, and no sign of the Dancers :laughing:

Yeah, open source projects tend to get a lot of cross link and various articles mentioning them, quite a bit more than non-tech topics, usually meaning that so long as you’re not competing with another tech project, you eventually end up taking the first spots in search.


Ah, ok. Cool.

I’m really looking forward to using Incus and I get the sense that it might get a lot more adoption across a wide range of distros than LXD. A lot of people using Docker still don’t know about LXD.

Currently I’m researching a project to build a nas/virtualisation/lab server and will use LXD instead of ESXI. After looking at consumer grade PC hardware I discovered the Serve The Home community and their enthusiasm for ex-datacentre parts — like 32 core AMD Epyc cpus on motherboards with 128 PCIE lanes feeding 7 x16 slots all capable of 4x4 bifurcation and great nvme passthrough. A perfect platform for Incus.

I’m going to try running Truenas in an LXD container rather than a VM and pass through the raw nvme ssds for it to build a ZFS volume. All new to me.

Interestingly, there is an entire community that is leveraging VFIO and Qemu to build virtual gaming platforms. It seems that Qemu is THE platform for GPU, USB, and SSD passthrough using VFIO.

That Incus uses Qemu (if I have that right) is super cool.

I don’t know how PCIE passthrough goes for Containers. Will be an interesting journey.