Incus publish storage location

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I want to backup a huge container. I make a snapshot from the container and then publish it. after that i will export the image to a file.

However my question is it possible to store the publish on a different drive? I have not enough storage and want to write it to a usb drive.

You can configure Incus to store its images and backups within a storage pool rather than directly on the host.

That’s done with the storage.images_volume and storage.backups_volume server config keys.

Hi @stgraber

How can i see where it us storing now? I want to write this one container backup to usb and want to revert to its original settings after that.

/var/lib/incus/images and /var/lib/incus/backups


thank you for the help!

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Chris Kruijntjens.

when i want to revert the storage to the deafult can i do this:

incus config set storage.backups_volume default /var/lib/incus/images ? Even if there is allredeay data in it?

No, you’d just unset the keys:

  • incus config unset storage.backups_volume
  • incus config unset storage.images_volume


thanks again!

If you perform:

incus export c1

You get a c1.tar.gz in your pwd.

Why is it that there are redundant copies of all exports in this location as well?


Because incus export is making use of the backup API.

It effectively triggers a server-side backup which lands in /var/lib/incus/backups/instances, then gets downloaded by the client and deleted from the server.